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The best
chat AI assistant.

Take the lead thanks to its various fields of expertise. Get immediate answers to your questions and keep a secure record of all your conversations.



An assistant based on Artificial Intelligence (Chat-GPT) that has an answer for everything and supports you in your daily life.

You can ask your question in writing or by speech-to-text. The AI-Assistant is able to understand your question and provide you with a relevant, precise and personalised answer in the blink of an eye.

A design inspired by the conversations you’re used to on the iPhone.

For a smoother and more intuitive experience, My AI-Assistant is inspired by the iPhone’s conversation bubbles to make the overall application easier to use.

Knowledge of different areas of expertise.

My AI-Assistant has the ability to specialise in various fields: business, marketing, history, social networks, sports, etc. It can help you with your research in a precise way.

A location share to know the services around you.

Depending on the location you tell your AI-Assistant, you can get a list of nearby activities, monuments or restaurants in a few seconds.

A secure conversation history with Face ID.

My AI-Assistant contains a history to keep track of your conversations so you can easily find your previous questions/answers. This feature is secure and can only be accessed after unlocking with Face ID.

Lock Screen Widget & Home Screen Widget.

It’s quick and easy: when a question comes to mind, access the My AI-Assistant application directly through the Widget on your iPhone’s lock screen.

App overview


Weekly or Monthly 🚀

✅ No account needed.

✅ Unlimited answers to your questions at any time.

✅ View our conversations in the secure history accessible from all your Apple devices.

✅ Get accurate and detailed answers from my different areas of expertise.

✅ Share your location with me so I can best guide my answers.

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